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Most businesses wants to generate as much profit as possible. One way to achieve that is by minimizing your expenses or by increasing your revenue. Today we will talk about how we can reduce your office expenses just by switching to Virtual Office. Virtual office accomplishes this for many businesses by offering a physical office for important meetings, a private place to work as needed, a professional receptionist to answer your business calls and a mail receiving address (and forward) and many times even gives your business a lift in it’s image due to the prestigious locations the Virtual Office is located.

The cost saving can runs into hundred of thousands pesos and more.

Virtual office vs. Traditional office costs

Leasing costs (few thousands pesos versus tens or hundred of thousands pesos)

For most businesses, traditional leasing cost could take up 25 – 40% of your revenue where else a virtual office may only be a fraction of that. On top of that, you can have multiple locations, a trained business support team to assist you and probably able to house your business in a prestigious location where you probably won’t through traditional means of leasing.
In addition to the saving, when you commit to a traditional office space, you are expected to be tied into a LONG TERM LEASE CONTRACT, DEPOSIT and not to forget the additional CAPEX you have to allocate for the renovation.

Monthly obligations (zero overhead vs thousands of pesos)

When you have your own traditional office, you are looking to pay for at least the following:- electricity- internet connection- telephone service- cleaning service- receptionist / front desk- office & pantry supplies
 A virtual office will provide all the amenities of a normal office for a fix price rather than thousands or hundred of thousands pesos.
You can saves thousands of pesos just by switching to Virtual Office from a Traditional Office.

Given most of us work in the digital world, it only makes sense to consider a virtual office as your competitive edge. Consider vOffice Virtual Office today or speak to one of our representative to find out how Virtual Office can benefit your business.

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