Company Incorporation Virtual Office

Do you need to have a business / office address to incorporate your company here in the Philippines?

In short, YES!

But we know you have read that SEC do not require you to have a business / office address to setup your company.

Yes, that’s correct. From SEC part, you are not required to have an office address to register your company with SEC however in the Philippines, to fully incorporate your company, you will also need to register it with BIR and LGU and the common documents they request are:-

РBarangay’s Permit
– Mayors Permit
– Sanitary permit
– Cedula
– Zoning permit 
– Fire and safety
– Contract of Lease of your business premises

and the only way to have that is to have a commercial / office address.

So what’s the solution. The most common and cheapest solution is overcome this is by renting a Virtual Office and you need to make sure with your Virtual Office provider that the package you sign up for includes all of the above.

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