I hereby accept to become a vAmbassador Agent of vOffice Philippines Inc (hereinafter referred to as vOffice) and shall follow the terms of appointment set down by vOffice. This appointment shall commence with immediate effect from 08 / 19 / 2019


  1. vAmbassador Agent is appointed to promote, sell and procure clients for vOffice Services.

  2. Outright 10% Commission in every sale.

  3. vAmbassador Agent shall not be an employee of vOffice and/or immediately family of an employee of vOffice to avoid potential conflict of interest, breach of confidentiality and securities.

  4. vAmbassador Agent is not authorized to receive and accept any form of payment from client or tenant on behalf of vOffice.

  5. vAmbassador Agent is not authorized to commit or confirm any form of representation, condition or offers to client or tenant introduced to vOffice, except expressly authorized by vOffice.

  6. All virtual office plans and pricing are published at vOffice reserved the right to amend or change sales packages and prices at its own discretion.

  7. Associate to advertise through its website or other mean to promote vOffice Services.

  8. vAmbassador Agent must inform in advance by email or fax the particulars of the referred client to vOffice for tracking purposes in order to be accorded with the referral commission (email to or fax to +63 224 2001.)

  9. All clients referred by vAmbassador Agent must be free and accepted by vOffice through its client registration procedures. Agreed commission of any given month will be paid to vAmbassador Agent by way of cheque within 15 working days from the start of the following month.

  10. vOffice also reserved the right at its sole discretion to terminate and cancel any vAmbassador Agent appointment by serving 14 days notice in writing.

  11. vAmbassador Agent is not a representative and agent of vOffice Philippines Inc. or vOffice. vAmbassador Agentshall not commit any act or representation that will adversely affect the goodwill, image and business of vOffice. vAmbassador Agent agree to be solely responsible to its own commitment and represntation of the services provided by vOffice, except in the situation that the referred client has been agree and accepted through vOffice Client Registration Procedures and Payment is received by vOffice.

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