Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most.

  • Can I use vOffice as my registered business address?

    Yes, you may use our address as yours for your company registration with the SEC, BIR, and the LGUs (local government units). You may also use our address for your calling cards and website use.

    As part of our commitment to help you register, we also provide our clients a list of certain documents which will support our client's business registration. Other documents required by the client which may be out of the ordinary will be subject for approval.

  • Who will welcome my guest(s) when they go to vOffice?

    A trained executive assistant will greet & receive your guests professionally to enhance your business image.

  • Can your receptionist answers my calls on my behalf?

    Yes, a trained receptionist can answer your calls in your Business name courteously.

  • Do I still have to pay to attend a vOffice evens?

    When you sign up to any Virtual Office plan you automatically can attend & enjoy without any fee to any of our vOffice networking events that will help you gain connections to other fellow entrepreneurs.

  • Do you offer live chat service for business websites

    We offer live chat service that can proactively engage and assist your website visitors to help visitor engagement.

  • Do I have to pay a specific amount to use your international branches

    Once you sign up to our Platinum plan you instantly have the freedom to access any of vOffice 35 business centers around the globe

  • Does the program include a local phone number?

    When you sign up to our Gold, Gold plus or Platinum plan, you will instantly have a dedicated local phone number for your business

  • Can I use other local branches?

    Yes, you are free to use any local business centers without paying any additional cost.

  • Can I have my mail forwarded?

    Local and International Mail forwarding is available and can be customized to your needs. vOffice can forward your parcels wherever you are.

  • Do you offer discounts and freebies?

    You can enjoy exclusive discounts and perks to vOffice partner establishments. (www.voffice.com.ph/vworld)

  • Are your meeting rooms ready to use?

    Yes, our fully equipped meeting rooms are ready to use for a productive discussions.

  • How can I not miss any calls even after my business

    Your calls can be diverted to your personalized voicemail after your standard business hours therefore you'll not miss any call.

  • Does your office have WIFI?

    Yes, all our centers are Wi-Fi equipped. We can also provide you with LAN cables for direct connection if needed.

  • Do you have conference rooms available for meetings?

    Conference rooms are available in all of our centers. Discussion are made easy in this room equipped with large screen projector, whiteboard, smart TV etc.

  • Can you receive mails from my clients and notify me when I am out of the office?

    A well-trained Front Desk Team will receive your mails and parcels. You'll also get an Email/SMS notification once your mail has arrived.

  • What is Co-working Space?

    A shared working space for our Virtual Office clients where they can sit down, do their work and have some coffee. Internet connection is available too.

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