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Protect your business by ensuring your compliance with the law. Legal services are offered to aid your business needs.


Be well guided & worry free.

We are your One-Stop service provider for all your legal services and business compliance needs. We assist in establishing and running the business smoothly and reach its fullest potential.

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Protect your business by ensuring your compliance with the law.

Retainer Services

Having a legal partner is essential in running any business, including and especially start-ups, in a sound manner.

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Negotiation & Legal Documentation

Our legal partners can assist you in negotiating any business transaction.

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Opinions & Consultations

Our legal partners are available to sit down with you and discuss your legal queries and concerns.

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Our legal partners are focused on addressing your requirements and the development of the most cost-effective and expeditious approach to meet your goals and objectives.

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Corporate Governance & Corporate Housekeeping

Relieve you with the burden of worrying about corporate compliance, avoid the imposition of fines and penalties and the possible revocation of your business license.

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Labor & Employment Concerns

Our legal partners can advise you on issues relating to preparation of employment contracts, manuals of company rules and regulations and consultancy agreements.

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Our legal partners are available to assist you in selecting the set up that will best address your needs, process your documents and legal requirements and establish your desired office for you.

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Application for Importation Licenses

Our legal partners can advise and assist you in making your company eligible to secure an ICC from the BIR and process all required documents for the BoC to get your accreditation.

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BOI or Peza Registration

Our legal partners can assist you in determining your company’s eligibility to register with PEZA and BOI, or in setting up an enterprise that complies with the requirements of these government agencies.

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Notarization of Documents

Our legal partners can also assist you with your notarization requirements.

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Retirement of Business

Guide you in your compliance and submission of closure requirements before pertinent government entities to facilitate the orderly and legally sound retirement of business.

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