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Digitize your Mails and never lose your documents again. Easily find your Old Mails and read your New Mails online.

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Key Advantages for Businesses using vOffice Mail L{oo}p


Safer & Faster

We'll receive your mails, notify you and we can scan, forward , discard or store them for you.


No More Missing Mails

Once your mails / documents are in digital format (pdf) you can easily store, index or archive it online and access it from anywhere, anytime.



You can now easily search or recall your previous mails. Less space, less time wasted filing them.


Never Missed a Mail or Parcel again

Your mails, courier or parcels will be received by our Front Office every time. No more rejected, missing or delayed mails due to you not being at home or unable to acknowledge receipt of your mail.


Making your Life Better

Our Front Office team can even assist you to settle bills, pay fines, deposit checks and more.

Mail L{oo}p is now included for FREE in all our Virtual Office or Serviced Office Plans. Check them out now to supercharge your business.

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