Make Your Business Look Bigger

In a big marketplace, you need to standout from the rest if you want to survive. Size matters, it matters in business because a lot of potential clients equate size with success.  It really seems impossible to compete with big brands because big businesses are considered more reliable and stable. That makes it tough for smaller companies or start-ups who may have a lot of big ideas with limited budget.  

One key to establish trust and credibility in your industry is to give the appearance that your business is bigger than it actually is but that’s not to say that you should misrepresent or lie, that never ends well. There are a lot of ways you could do to make your business feel and look like  a big time corporation, even if you’re still starting up without lying or misinterpretation.

Make your brand look bigger while you work on achieving real growth by following these basics:

Create a Website

Websites are accessible 24 hours a day. Having that said, your clients or potential clients can visit your site for support or any information they need about your services whenever it’s convenient for them.  It also helps you to establish credibility as a business. Nowadays a website is as important as a business address, it’s a global channel people can refer to. By not having one ,potential clients will automatically  get the impression that you are a small time company. 

Get a Live Phone Answering Service.

Even if you’re a CEO of a sole proprietorship, having someone else handle all your business calls would not only make your business look more professional and bigger but also can relieve you from tedious chores, freeing you to focus more on growing and developing your business. Imagine giving out your business card to a client with confidence knowing they will be contacting a number which will be attended by an agent saying your company name.

Get a Logo

All the established companies have a logo and you should too. People notice images before words. You’re logo must have a unique design that represents the services you offer or products you sell. More importantly, your logo must represent your values as a company.

Conduct your Meetings in a Professional Meeting/Conference Room

Making deals at a coffee shop, lunch spot, or other places outside of the office can be a negative influence on the outcome of the deal. When dealing inside a meeting/conference room there is an expectation of professionalism. Your client knows what is and isn’t appropriate behavior and will usually spend his/her time inside the conference room acting in a professional matter. This leads to better results

Get a Prestigious Business Address

Aside from perfecting your online presence through your website, you also need to make your business look big in the real world. You may be working from home, at the beach, warehouse, or mall, while maintaining a professional image. The best thing about this service is that they allow you to work privately by having a separate business address from your personal home address.  Needless to say, it can really be dangerous to put your home address online, so it is really may be worth investing in  business address service like vOffice Philippines Inc offers.

vOffice is an instant office and business solutions provider that will take the sting out of the bill. With vOffice VIRTUAL OFFICE SERVICE, you will get a professional business image, call answering services, meeting/conference room usage, wifi-ed business lounge, dedicated telephone number, reliable internet connection and other office support for a very affordable price. 

What’s great about this service is that it has no long term commitment and very low start-up cost while enabling your company create a professional presence and lasting impression in a prestigious location without the need to pay rent to an actual office.

So if you want to have a PROFESSIONAL IMAGE, a flexible schedule, maximum productivity, a Virtual Office may just be the solution for you. You’re not tricking them with your presence, you’re giving them treats!

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