Why are you still keeping your Traditional Office?

Is it really necessary? Especially with all the social distancing policies in place today and risk associated with it from commuting to and from work and being exposed to all the general areas that you’re ought to touch such as public toilets, elevator, pantry and also the risk of airborne transmission.

For the past few months, we have welcomed many businesses onto our Virtual Office platform (now available in BGC, Rockwell, Makati & QC) and we love to extend our platform to more businesses in the Philippines..

Here’s the Top 10 reasons why you don’t need a physical office to operate your business anymore.

1. Most functions that used to happen in an office are already happening more efficiently and effectively online – for example Meetings > Zoom, Coordination > Slack, Project Planning > Asana
2. With the social distancing policies firmly in place, its very likely that you will never be able to maximise your office as before ever again
3. Remote Working / Work from Home / Work from Anywhere have proved to be equally effective or even more effective than working from the office
4. Productivity is no longer measured based on the number of hours an employee clock in the office anymore
5. Huge saving for ditching your traditional office (rental, electricity, cleaning, internet and more)
6. Likely to save on your payroll as you offer flexible working options for your employees
7. New workforce sees flexible working arrangement as a perk so when you offer a flexible working option, it will actually attract more talents and give them a better reason to choose working for you.
8. Business formalities such as Registered Business Address, BIR / VAT Registration and other Licenses are now supported with Virtual Office. You no longer need a physical office to host your permits and licenses anymore
9. Minimize Risk – we all do sincerely hope things will get better, however there is always a risk where things don’t go as planned such as mutation of the virus, recession etc.
10. You can now outsource your phone calls, mails and parcel management to vOffice. Your Executive Assistant will receive your calls in your business name and connect them to you, receive your mails or parcels and scan them for you or forward them to you. We can also store it for you too.

Other Surprising Reasons to switch to Virtual Office

– Boost your business image – Switching to a Virtual Office may even give your business an image boost. You may choose to have your virtual office in BGC, Rockwell, Makati or QC.
– Protects your Privacy – With Virtual Office, you do have to publish your residential address nor your work address to the world or prying eyes. It gives you a better sense of security as your Virtual Office will be the one receiving your guests or unexpected guests first and we will notify you of it.

If you’ve read until here, you must be wondering why are you still spending so much money each month to maintin your traditional office. Talk to us to find out how easy is it to switch to Virtual Office, including your officials / registered address with SEC, BIR, DTI and LGUs.