The Post Pandemic Flexible Office

Companies and  troubled outsourced office providers are seeing better days ahead as corporations re-emerge into a post-pandemic work environment. This is because the flexible office space model offered by vOffice actually makes more sense for clients.

Even before the pandemic, many corporations were already operating on a hybrid model, where employees reported to headquarters or another central location on limited days of the week. Typically this would mean an M-W-F or T-Th schedule. The reasons for this were to cut down on operating costs, increase employee welfare, and to make use of vastly improved online collaboration tools.

But now, the hybrid and WFH models have become the new normal and few corporations are looking to re-enter into traditional office leases again. Instead, they are looking to easier cost arrangements with solutions such as Serviced office or a virtual office . They provide the flexibility and responsiveness that is needed now, in a time when this pandemic still exists  and new lockdowns could follow.

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