The Hard(er) Realities of WFH

There was a pre-pandemic notion that working from home (WFH) would be a dream. Goodbye to long traffic-infested commutes. Farewell to getting up extra early just to choose among your well-worn collection of office garb. Adieu to vast empty gaps of time waiting for meetings, clients, or reports. Yes, accomplishing everything remotely would be a godsend!

However for some it has quickly turned into a burden, to say the least. Mainly, the problem centers around focus and concentration. Exactly how anyone achieves these amidst rampaging kids who now also need instruction and monitoring thanks to remote schooling is a question whose answer grows more elusive every day.

On top of that you can pile the additional problems of distractions that range in complexity from an TV left on, lost WiFi connectivity that needs a miracle cure on a pesky modem, or fixing a leaking air conditioner that was never intended for anything up to light commercial use. It never ends.

Even before the pandemic, the business world had already arrived at a smarter working arrangement. More or less, it meant adopting a combination of WFH and some dedicated office time for crucial collaboration. It was really a no-brainer from the get go, with implications that too much of one or the other would be a bad thing. And so here we are.

The problem keeps complexifying, mostly because both employers and employees are operating on this exclusive arrangement for the very first time. Norms and protocols are still being worked out. In some cases, undue pressure in the form of added quotas or targets are more than a struggle to meet.

As the pandemic emergency eases with stabilizing Philippine ICU cases and the arrival of 3 new vaccines with more than 90% effectivity, it may be high time to re-examine the validitiy of the “combination approach”.

And there’s no better place to do so than at vOffice, where you can free yourself from the distractions of home either from housemates or family members that may delay work projects or foil targets. Conveniently located at the heart of city business centers , vOffice centers effortlessly serves up the benefits many a home office can’t: faster internet, daily cleaning, safe common areas, business concierge services, and professional administration staff at your beck and call.

Serviced offices and coworking spaces offer you the chance to move from the travails of WFH and into the professional atmosphere of a real managed physical space. Aside from serving as a home base for your business, they also free you of excessive overhead costs like rent and maintenance. Here you can work and meet in safety, in confidence, and most of all, in relative quiet.

Because “quiet” is surprisingly the one thing most WFH people are missing nowadays. Those once-interminable time gaps are now better spent stirring your own triple-Americanos. Because that’s life and all the other things that happen in a day. Life and work go on, only in a better way.

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