Virtual Office Manila - Approved by SEC & BIR | Serviced Offices Rental & Company Incorporation Service | Available in Makati, Rockwell, Bonifacio Global City (BGC) & Quezon City (QC)

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most. If you've got more questions, feel free to write to and we'll do our best to answer.

  • What is a Virtual Office in layman terms?

    In lay-man terms, a Virtual Office is a Shared Office.

    Members will share the fully furnished and staffed office and use it as their formal business address and use it for official purposes such as SEC, BIR, DTI, LGUs Registration, Banks as well as the published business address on marketing collaterals, business cards and website. Members can also book the meeting room, access the business lounge and well trained receptionists will receive your mails and packages on your behalf, answer calls in your business name, take messages as well as attend to your guests.

  • Is Virtual Office legal?

    Yes, the virtual office is legal and being used by many companies. Virtual Office is acknowledged as an alternative office by SEC, DTI and BIR. We guarantee that your company is safe with our services.

  • How long does it take to set up a Virtual Office?

    We can have your account activated within 24 hours once we have received your registration. Here are the requirements: 1. Signed proposal 2. Valid ID 3. Proof of payment.

  • How can I book the meeting room allocated to my Virtual Office plan?

    vOffice will provide you with your own online portal wherein you are allowed to book your preferred date and time for the meeting room/conference room.

  • You mention a local phone number will be included in my Virtual Office plan. How does that work?

    vOffice professional receptionists will be answering all of your calls using your company name and we can forward the call to your preferred number. This feature is unlimited for your virtual office plan. If and when the client does not answer the call we will collect the details of the call and send this to you via email.

  • Can I upgrade my Virtual Office plan?

    vOffice has always been flexible with our client and this will allow you to upgrade your plan anytime you want. The balance from your previous plan can be carried over from your new upgraded plan.

  • Can I register a virtual office for Peza?

    The virtual office plans will not allow you to register your company under a Peze certification because this will require you more than 10sqm to successfully get your PEZA certification. However, we have a service office that can be an option if you would like to proceed with your PEZA application.

  • Where can my clients park their cars?

    There are available parking lots around the building in BGC.

  • Do we need to have our own ID's to enter the building?

    vOffice may produce your own ID's with a fee of 100 pesos per ID.

  • Will I be notified once our contract ends?

    vOffice will remind you that your contract will end a month before the due date.

  • Can I request soft copies for the bundle of permits?

    Yes, you are allowed to request for a soft copy on the bundle of registration documents. The 48 hours duration still applies.

  • Can I use/pay with any credit card?

    Yes, you are allowed to pay using your credit card. You may refer to this link for online transactions —

  • What are regulations when I want to cancel my meeting room booking?

    You are allowed to cancel any booking without charge as long as this is before the 24 hours booking time.

  • Can Virtual Office be used for Company Incorporation?

    Definitely and in fact over 65% of our customers use Virtual Office to incorporate their company. Should you need to incorporate your company, please contact us for a special bundle price — Virtual Office & Company Incorporation in Makati or Taguig. vOffice will also provide you the necessary documents to accomplish your business registration.

  • Can my guest visit me at my Virtual Office?

    Yes, you are allowed to entertain your guest in your chosen virtual office address. Also, you will have your own meeting/conference room to book if you need to schedule a client call.

  • Will you accept signed parcels / couriers for me?

    On behalf of your company we will receive any mails and small parcels and we will notify you via email once we receive it. You can then arrange for it to be pick up or have us forward it to you.

  • How long has Virtual Office been around?

    vOffice has been in the business since the year of 2014. We are continuing to grow in the Philippines.

  • Can I register VAT with my Virtual Office address?

    Yes, you can use your Virtual Office to register for VAT with BIR.

  • What happens once I have exhausted all my allocated meeting room hours in my Virtual Office plan?

    Being a loyal customer for vOffice we have special rates for clients that would like to use the meeting room and conference room. This will allow you to add your hours and settle the invoice by the end of the month.

  • How many staff can use the workspace and the unlimited Business lounge?

    You are allowed to bring 2 persons for the use of the business lounge and 1 person for the workspace.

  • How many days in advance should I book the meeting/ conference rooms?

    We usually suggest 2 to 4 days in advance. So you can secure your preferred date however through our online portal, you can check meeting room availability in real time. This also means that if the meeting room is available, you can book in and use it right away.

  • How long can I get the bundle of documents?

    As soon as you receive the welcome email from our end this is the time you will request for your business registration documents. This should be ready for pickup within 48 hours.

  • Is it possible to order food delivery if we use the facilities?

    vOffice allows you to order food and have this delivered to your chosen center. This gives you an advantage to save on time and focus more with your meeting.

  • How long would be the cancellation / refund for the virtual office?

    For the cancellation / refund process this will take up to 45 working days to 60 working days.

  • If I refer a client do I get any commission?

    vOffice offers a referral program for any brand ambassador. This will allow you to earn 10% commission for each successful referral.

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